Services Offered

Prior to becoming A professional organizer, professional organizers must have a total of 1,500 hours of paid organizer work experience in the immediate 3-years prior, comply with the program curriculum and pass the certification exam. On-going continuing education hours are also required in order to maintain certification. When you hire A professional organizer, you'll experience superior client service, professionalism and a high-level of organizing expertise. Getting organized can be enjoyable and rewarding. It enables you to be more productive, so that you can find time to enjoy the things that are most important in your business and personal life

All the clutter you have built up is not all trash!

Another benefit of getting organized is coming across items that could be of value!

While we downsize the clutter, I will help you sort through everything you're looking to let go of and we may find items that could sell at either a Yard/Garage sale, E-bay, Craig's list, consignment shops, or making you unexpected extra cash!

You never know what's lost in all that clutter that's been building up that's just one of the many reasons to start getting organized!

The benefits my customers get when working with my organizing business include reduced stress and more time to enjoy life. Organization systems within your home can be managed with the help of an Organization Consultant. There are many places that need to be clutter free and appealing such as:


kitchen pantry Organize your refrigerator, glasses, plates, silverware, appliances and countertop, pantry, partyware, tupperware and baking paraphernalia. Establish a routine for meal planning. Also develop a system for everyday counter clutter (mail, bills, coupons, recipes, invitations and school papers.

Home office

file cabinet Organize your desk, files, paper, storage space and supplies. Develop systems to work more efficiently

Most people don't even realize it, but a disorganized desk can cause tremendous frustration and a lot of lost productivity. Develop a routine to process incoming and outgoing mail and paper.

If your office doesn't make you happy, you won't want to spend any time there.

Set up file systems for important papers needed to be kept.


garage Only on Long we leave cars worth thousands of dollars in the driveway and put our useless junk in the garage.

Organize your lawn and garden equipment, hand and power tools and recreation equipment so you can get your car in the door or create a work space to do tasks.


basement Discard unwanted items

Organize your off season clothes, luggage, paints and gifts.
Organize your Christmas ornaments, lights, wreaths, trees, gift wrappings and dinnerware.


bedrroms Organize your closets, dresser, armoire, jewelry, furniture and magazines.


nursery I will transform the room into a beautiful haven for your newborn. I will organize the room so it will be easy for you to change, feed, dress, relax, read to and enjoy your baby. The closet is set up so clothes are not forgotten and you can find exactly what you want when you want it. I will even organize your diaper bag so you will never be lost looking for the essential items.


bathrooms Organize your vanity, towels, cosmetics, toiletries and linens.

Laundry / Craft / Sewing rooms

laundry Organize your supplies
Establish a routine to make this chore easier and less painful




Clothes, Linen, Utility, Coat and Pantry

ties  Organize your clothes, hats, shoes, belts and ties so they are more accessible. Organize your linen closet and pantry. Establish a system to organize your cleaning supplies.

I will help you purge your clothes using the method the professional image consultants use.

Wardrobe consulting

wardrobe consultant Besides organizing your clothes closet I also will give you some tips on how to use your wardrobe more efficiently. Click on the link to get some tips


cabinet Organize for more efficient use of space


drawers Organize for more efficient use of space in the drawers


shelving Organize for more use of space in closed and opened areas
Example: Books, photo albums and framed pictures

I apply my skill of merchandising

File systems

file systems Organize for more efficient use of finding and storing files

Storage systems

storage systems Organize for more efficient use of storing all kind of items

Invisible clutter

Do you hide your clutter behind doors, in drawers or in closets? Then you have invisible clutter! But invisible clutter does not go away just because you can't see it! Learn how to organize this clutter and make full use of your storage areas. We will discuss how to organize closets, cabinets and drawers. Experience peace of mind thru having an organized home and never be afraid to open that closet door again!


bills Organize for more efficiency of payment in an orderly way

Organize for more efficient use of your time and scheduling of time

You have heard it before. You must invest time to save time. But what does that really mean

Time management

time management Do you have small things that bother you -- that take you time? Maybe you have opportunities to invest time to save time. Let me show you how to take complicated tasks and make them faster so they really become easy things to do without much thought and SAVE TIME

My expertise and focus will help you modify your time management so you can generate more time and energy to do the things you love to do!

Furniture placement

furniture placement Organize for better use of the furniture in any room in the house

Space planning: Apply the principles of function of the room, focal point, cohesive message and cohesive color scheme.

Holiday decorating cleanup

holiday decorating cleanup Too busy to decorate your home for the holidays? I decorate your home with all your current decorations. Or do you want something new this year? Tell me what you like and what your budget is and I will go shopping for you! I also help you clean up all your decorations after the holidays. I will put it back in such a way that it will be quick and easy to set up next year.

Home staging

home staging Getting your home ready to ensure a quick higher price sale.
I will tell you what buyers are looking for in their search for a new home.

Click here to find out more about home staging Home Staging


moving Are you planning on moving to the Long Island, NY area and need help putting your items away in an orderly fashion? Start fresh in a new home with an organized home. Is someone moving in with you? Do you need help fitting their items within yours?

Are you planning on moving and have combined homes you are coming from? I can help determine where to put your prized possessions together so it looks well planned.

Unpacking is the biggest gift a family can give themselves during the stressful time of moving. Not only is it done in a day or four depending on size of household, but we put things away in an organized, ergonomic and best time motion placement so you're really getting two jobs for the price of one-unpacking AND organizing for optimum use of space. Purging beforehand and during unpacking is also a big help


workshops Learn how to organize your home by taking the techniques that I have developed throughout the years and implementing them in your home. You will see first hand what organizing products work to keep you organized. I will also instruct you to where to buy them. I organize with a decorative touch so you will be amazed what I use to keep my home organized!

Click here to see upcoming workshops at my home: Workshops


scrapbooks Organize your pictures with photo albums and/or photo boxes. I am a professional ScrapBooker and I can make you a beautiful scrapbook of an event(s) or chronologically scrapbook your life and/or your children's lives. Creatively display your wonderful collections so you can enjoy them more

Click here to see my scrapbook page: Scrapbooks

Today, people are taking photos at a record pace and sharing them on Face book, Twitter and photo sharing sites. Yet people are finding they don’t have the time to print their photos or manage them digitally, so people are becoming increasingly frustrated that they are losing their important memories. Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of photos that were printed languish in shoeboxes and home movies are being lost on obsolete media formats. Photos are important and are part of our most cherished possessions because they tell a story. Though we live in an increasingly complex technical world, as human beings we still have the desire to tell a story. One of the important ways we tell our stories is through photos


photos I am committed to preserving your most cherished moments and that means I
treat your photos with as much care, consideration and respect as possible.
As a Photo Organizers I provide more than just organization and management.
I also apply my expertise to help you make good decisions about which photos
to use or delete and how to showcase them, and can even train and educate
you on photo management and digital photo basics

Collections memorabilia

memorabilia I understand the mentality of a collector. It is a very long and lonely profession unless you spouse understands it. Collecting is a compulsion. A collector has no sense of reality, of money, of time - just one focus. An addiction is an emotional thing. I will help you display the collection so you can enjoy them more since you spent so much time gathering the items.

What is old? I will help you determine if the item should be tossed, kept or sold. I can list the item for you on EBay and/or Craig's List after I take pictures of the item

Antique More than 100 years old. Usually valuable if in excellent condition. The condition determines the value
Vintage Old, but not old enough to be called antique. Less than 100 years old
Collectible Prized by fanciers of that item
Souvenir Items brought back from places where you don't live
Mementos Items that only have significance to the owner or herself usually passed down by an older or deceased relative or friend

Design services

window I will help you create the room you always wanted using the 8 steps of interior design:

1. Paint & Architectural moldings
2. Flooring - Tiles / Carpeting / Wood
3. High ticket upholstered furniture and large case goods
4. Window coverings and accent fabrics and area rugs
5. Accent furniture
6. Accessories
7. Lighting
8. Plants

Using the Feng Shui principles, I can help you organize your space using the 9 section of the BAGUA - wealth, reputation, relationships, family, health, creativity, knowledge, career and compassion. Remember clutter will clog up your home and will not allow the energy to flow and bring you the good fortune in your life.

One of the basic premises of good Feng Shui is that the space (building,
room, nature area) is free of unwanted, negative energy. If negative energy
resides there, the space cannot be "Feng Shui'd" into a positive space
without the techniques of what we call a space clearing. Space clearing
starts with Decluttering

2 main elements:

Wind: Moves chi (life force)
Water: Retains / cultivates

When in a room or space and feels good, can breathe, means chi is flowing.
Perform space clearing to stop negative energy
Use aromatherapy oils, potpourri, smudge dried sage or rosemary
Use incense/smoke to purify
Clapping in a room is positive energy

Design of Home
Chinese believe homes that are level, square or rectangle shapes are good.
Ponds and steams are positive
Landscape so path is curved (straight lines are like daggers)
Obstacles at entry are omens
Front entry should be open ands airy, feel safe.
Slanted ceilings cause headaches when sleep under them
Clean lines open spaces allow chi to flow
BAGUA consists of earth, metal, fire water, wood.

You might be at a loss if you had to define the type of décor you find most appealing: Articulating style can be difficult. But when it comes to decorating, finding furniture and colors that work together―and that you love―is crucial. Finding your distinct decorating style, casual to eclectic―I can help you identify your design "personality"

I have noticed an alarming trend: When it comes to decorating, her clients
are paying the least attention to their bedrooms, even though they spend a
good portion of their time at home in them. "At the end of a long day, it's
easy to close your eyes and leave the mess and chaos to be sorted on another
day," Cynthia helps her client purge excess furniture, including inherited
pieces, and a hodgepodge of styles. Although I stay well within budget, one
major splurge set the tone for a calm and elegant sanctuary is usually a new
comfortable bed and headboard which becomes the new focal point in the
master bedroom.


shopping I will assist you in deciding
- Tile
- Paint color
- Lighting and bath fixtures
- Carpeting and area rugs
- Furniture and upholstery
- Home and bath accessories
- Organizing and office supplies
- Pictures

Maintenance / Touch up

  Periodic maintenance of the systems I create for you is an integral facet of the Organized-Your-Life method. I believe that in order to provide you with the organizational tools that will last you a lifetime, regular to semi-regular check-ups, evaluating the effectiveness of the systems created, and making any necessary adjustments, are key. Your life and needs change, and I want the systems to change and grow with you. As with every other step of my process, I work closely with you to create a customized maintenance plan that is tailored perfectly to meet your needs and resources.


ebay For your sellable items and I will put them on Ebay:
- This service includes: Taking pictures of the item
- Writing a description
- Packaging the item
- Getting shipping estimate from the post office
- Shipping the item at the post office
- I will send you a check for the sale (minus the above costs and EBay listing - charges)

I know How to de-clutter and make money by selling items on e-bay. I have done this with many of my clients in the past and I tell all of them it is not worth selling 1 item unless it has a value of $100. I takes time to set up the sale for each item. An AC Nielsen survey from a few years back showed that the average American household has about $2,000 worth of unwanted items that could be sold to generate into cash. I charge my hourly fee, each item takes at least 20 minutes ( photo, description, mail the item to the winning bidder, etc.) E-bay charges 1.6% for the sale and 8.5% for the sales tax. I'm already a power seller and just this year sold a saxophone for a client for $9,300!


seniors - De-clutter / Simplify
- File / Paper Management
- Organize to Scale Down home
- Floor Plan to Scale Down Home
- Provide Barrier Free Design
- Right-size Furniture for Easy Maneuverability
- Removal of Unwanted Items
- Box and Ship Items to Family
- Eliminate Hazardous Household Chemicals

Offsite storage organizing

offsite storage organizing I will help figure out with you what stuff to finally say good-bye to and what items to keep and incorporate into your primary space

New couple organizing

new couple organizing I will help combine his and hers stuff

Kosher organizing

kosher organizing I will help organize your kosher kitchen

Feng Shui

feng shui Unlock the secrets to radiant health with a unique organized system.
Clear the clutter from your mind, body, spirit and environment to open the door to opportunity.

Uplift your ch'i (life force energy) to attract what you do want into your life.

Choose just the right colors for your world to infuse happiness, love and radiant health.

Align the design details of your space to Divine proportion with simple solutions so your living environment supports you and your health!

Integrating Feng Shui into a space can completely change its tone for the positive. The goal is to make it not just pleasant, not just efficient, not just de-cluttered but all those things and more----something that has personal style and, good energy

If there's something you need but don't see listed, please contact me!

Gift Certificates are available: Perfect for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Christmas and Chanukah


gift certificate

Cynthia Braun is a certified professional organizer for Suffolk County, New York