Natalie from Brooklyn

Just a note to tell you that I was doing a project for school and because of your organization, I found everything I wanted right away. It was amazing to me, as I’ve always had to look for things and become anxious that I wouldn’t find them. But this was so amazing.

Ila from Boynton Beach

Hi Cynthia,
We threw out SO MUCH my neighbors thought we were moving! ( especially the desk-and chairs that you made me realize that I don’t need it) now BOTH CARS are IN a SPOTLESS GARAGE! Thanks to you. You
really did inspire me! You are great to work with. I love your energy.

Priyanka from Port Jefferson

Cynthia made the organizing session quite eye opening, She will definitely be back to organize my basement and closets.   It was very worth while and I value the work and time spent on organizing all my papers.  I never really learned how and what to keep papers in my corporate life.  It was very interesting to see how someone else approached a task and a lot can be learned from the tips she gave.

Francesca from Halesite

Thank you for coming on Friday and assessing our home’s organizational needs and you gave us a lot of great tips. Your kitchen organizing gave me the motivation to get rid lots of unnecessary items and clear my spaces. The work done exceeded my expectations. I also learned  that I need to buy fewer items and regularly clean out spaces in my kitchen. I have know that everything should return to its proper place. Organization is a real  art & you have the gift. For those of us who could use direction, the time spent on organizing can be life-changing. Cynthia Braun is a real professional and experienced at what she does. She is also sociable and easy to talk to.

Christine from Rockville Center

Cynthia did a great job helping me organize my kitchen.  She had great ideas and tips and she was a pleasure to work with.  She is very personable and she made organizing fun.

Doreen from College Point

Hey Cynthia, it was a pleasure working with you! You made my life so much easier, I feel so much better you made a huge difference in my life I’m sticking with it and putting my foot down. I feel more free have a lot of ways to go but it’s a huge improvement and I feel lighter! You were wonderful and stress free to work with I will be seeing you again. Thank you so much! Hope you and your family have a wonderful thanksgiving! Happy thanksgiving, enjoy!

Fran from Smithtown

Cynthia is a talented, experienced and hardworking professional organizer. She is passionate and cares deeply about her clients. She knows that "getting rid of stuff" can be painful and difficult for many people. She is compassionate and will guide you along at your own pace. The results can be life changing.

Vicki from Syosset

So far so good !!!!!...... Cynthia came to our home for the first time yesterday, and it was an experience! My husband and I are both short on time, and things have accumulated over the years.

After doing a tour of our home, Cynthia and I planned the "zones" and assigned a priority to each. We began in our home office, purging old files and statements and unnecessary things. I particularly like her style - she is a "let's get to it" type of gal with a ton of energy. She is upbeat, very pleasant, and a joy to work with!

My husband and I had a commitment last night, and we did not get home until late. However, I could not help but admire the progress Cynthia and I made during the day and continue to purge paper on my own for another 30 minutes of so.

If you're not convinced Cynthia's services are for you, take a look at her website, her ideals, and her testimonials. If you think she's "pricey", think about how much your own time is worth and how she can ultimately help you to have more time and less stress by living in a nicely organized home. Already, I have a better energy about myself and feel that this is going to be a game changer.

Thank you, Cynthia! Looking forward to our next meeting!

Vicki from Syosset

OMG! This sounds weird, but I woke up with more energy and feeling great! I think it has a lot to do with what we did yesterday!! Thank you!!! I did a little more on my own last night, and then this morning I threw out some stuff. :) I'm going to get my husband to jump on this train - it seemed so overwhelming before you first came yesterday, and now I see that it isn't. It's just stuff that needs to go with the remaining stuff to organize - one step at a time. I posted a review on Yelp. Hope you have a great day and STAY COOL!!!!!!

Vicki from Syosset

OMG! This sounds weird, but I woke up with more energy and feeling great! I think it has a lot to do with what we did yesterday!! Thank you!!! I did a little more on my own last night, and then this morning I threw out some stuff. :) I'm going to get my husband to jump on this train - it seemed so overwhelming before you first came yesterday, and now I see that it isn't. It's just stuff that needs to go with the remaining stuff to organize - one step at a time. I posted a review on Yelp. Hope you have a great day and STAY COOL!!!!!!

Emily from Locust Valley

I am so appreciative of your expertise help in organizing my room. You taught me so much as well and I enjoyed our time together. David too was THRILLED with your work.

I'm sure we will work together again and I will certainly refer you.

Glenn & Kerry from Carle Place

Thanks Cynthia!
Everything about the experience was wonderful! We're excited to work with you on the rest of our house!

Pam from Commack

Cynthia is probably the best home organizer in the state and maybe all states. She is fast, patient, strong, energetic, diligent, compassionate, imaginative, and she has a positive attitude that makes you feel like decluttering is possible even in your cluttery house!

Brook from Selden

I treated myself to an organizing session with Cynthia for Mother's Day.  It was so worth it!  Cynthia helped me tackle my closet, drawers and th paper monster!  I have maintained everything and started applying what I learned to other rooms.  I would not have been able to get everything.  Cynthia and I got done togerther that day on my own.  If you need help and better systems in place give Cynthia a try!  I plan on having her back to help me in my kitchen and basement next.

Barbara from Mount Saini

I just had Cynthia at my home, she transformed my children's mayhap into easy to find / labeled organized toys, crafts , and books. Very pleasant to work with and gets the job done, I was breathless when she was done! Thank you again!

Anne and Tom from Glen Cove

It was a pleasure working with you and we appreciate all your help in organizing our spare bedroom and office/computer room. What a difference it made. We still can't believe how great the rooms look. Look forward to seeing you next week!

Pam from Commack

Thank YOU so much for rescuing me from my downward spiral. You are amazing and so kind. I'm not a wreck about my friend coming to my house now--Yay!

Kelly from Amityville

Thank you for guiding me and helping me with ideas and tips I know I will use for a lifetime! You were great. Thanks again! What a relief!!!
Warmest Regards

Betty from Oceanside

Thank you Dear Cynthia for your patience with me. Thinking Brandon would have an issue with us rearranging his life; it was really me!!! Thank you a hundred times. I keep looking at the pictures then walking into the room to enjoy the uncluttered and relaxed feeling it has. And the "Wall of Fame" is the icing on the cake!!!!

Eve from West Hempstead

Thanks Cynthia,
What an accomplishment! feels great to have an organized and Feng Shui office! You're empowering! thanks again.

Susan from Coram

I want to thank my amazing, wonderful, caring, loving daughter for all the time she spent with me and her Dad organizing our things. She is truly so talented-she really changed my life and made it much easier to navigate my"stuff". Everything is so neat and labeled. It is GREAT having a Professional Organizer as a lovely daughter. Love you so much.

Pam from Huntington

Dear Cynthia,
The pleasure was all mine! I loved organizing with you!
You made the process so easy and less overwhelming.
You know your business very well!
Will be telling all my friends about you!

Ellen from Jericho

Thank you Cynthia for all your help organizing our home. I now have systems you taught me to keep my place looking organized all the time. You were easy to work with and I enjoyed our time together!

Shari from Coram

Hi Cynthia, Just want to thank you again for the work you did with Jodie. She loves how her apartment looks.

Denise from Patchogue

Paul is a challenge because of his issues, to say the least. However, you got more cooperation from him and far more accomplished in one day, than I have been able to do in the one year we have been living in Patchogue. I feel like I can breathe again, and I know Paul is grateful for your help. Thanks Again, Cynthia

Linda from Smithtown

Thanks Cynthia! I couldn't have done it without you.

Jessica from Oakdale

Cynthia You are awesome. You knew exactly what to do with all my artist supplies and all my clothes.
You are amazing. I know I kept telling you throughout the day, but I really meant it!

This was the greatest thing I did for myself since losing my husband!
I feel so empowered now to do more artistic work! Thanks again!

Marilyn from Huntington

Good morning, Cynthia - I am glad to hear that Pat and Shirley availed themselves of your excellent talents! I knew you could help them. Thank you for letting me know and for reminding me of my credit for your services.

The work you had done at my house made an enormous difference in my quality of life and my ability to get things done efficiently. The next frontier is the basement, which I had hoped to get to with you about two years ago.

Sherrie from Farmingdale

Thanks Cynthia, The kitchen really is better to work in, and looks and feels better without the clutter. I did learn a lot with you, and even motivated my husband to clean his shelf in the basement.

Susan from Coram

It was a pleasure meeting you and working together yesterday. I'm amazed at how much we accomplished! Looking forward to our next appointment. Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm!

Gayle from Setauket

The work done meet your expectations? I felt I learned the skill of maintaining the organization we did together in many ways, absolutely, I try and try to keep it neat, but it does takes some thought. My kitchen is staying organized. I’m going to try what you suggested for my closet: to reverse hangers and see if that will help me part with clothes I haven't worn in too many years to count. I absolutely found value in the work and time spent on the organizing project.

I think you are great.

Marlene from Setauket

Thanks for helping me get through that big pile of papers today! My husband was thrilled when he came home and saw that spot in the sunroom empty for the first time in years! I was inspired and even got through most of the pile on my kitchen counter after you left.

Livia from Sea Cliff

Thank you!!!! I really enjoyed meeting you and getting to know you.
I'm thrilled I made the decision to contact you, my clothes needed much more help than I thought.

Michele from Massapequa

Cynthia You have changed my life, once again! Your amazing organizing skills have saved me so much time in my life. And I have less stress!

Anita from Stony Brook

I have to thank you. Your suggestion you made help me. You also didn't make fun of me but made me realize I am not alone. I have made some more progress but I know with your help you made it more successful.

Miriam from West Hempstead

Enjoyed our time together and loving my new desk and feeling like I can tackle some more myself...
thanks again!

Lisa from Coram

Thank you too for all of your hard work and everything you taught me. I let go of so many things and you made it quick and (almost) painless.
I am trying to continue on today with the family and I hope we can do it. I'm glad that Mark wants to know what you taught me and work with me, but he does the outside so I have to be real and know there won't be much help in here.
Angela misses you, that's the first thing she told me the next morning.
PS - Someone called me "brilliant" for hiring you. I think so too. :)

Curtis from Huntington

Cynthia I was in shock when we finally finished my walk-in closet. since I lived here it never was functional. I felt relieved and renewed after it was all organized and labelled and I will surely be able to maintain your easy system, thanks again.

Kathy from Selden

Hi Cynthia,
Thank you for all your help today! You are a real dynamo! I love how you just got down and dirty and got so much accomplished in one day. I really did not expect the room to get organized that quickly. Your a great lady and love your enthusiasm when you worked with me. I also appreciate the non-judgmental attitude toward my possessions and clutter. You inspired me to go further in the rest of the house.

Randee from Mt. Sinai

Thank you for doing an amazing job organizing and cleaning out my garage. This was the first time in 15 years that I could actually park my car in there! My kids are amazed and they can actually set up the ping pong table in there now. I used to think that I needed a bigger house, but with your help organizing several rooms, my home has more than enough space for all my needs. Thanks again for all your help.

Anita from Stony Brook

Thank you so much I really enjoyed our session. It has brought a smile to my face every time I see it. You helped me so much. You have motivated me and am excited that I have begun working on organizing other areas of my home.

Beth from Garden City

Thank you so much! I am loving the organization and look forward to completing the kitchen! It was a pleasure working with you!

Alicia from Holbrook

It was great working with you. Although my husband couldn’t make to our session, he came home and loved what you did! You totally motivated me! I continued finishing my kitchen and bathroom until 5 in the morning (spring ahead). I made a few trips to the store to buy some organization items you mentioned. Love it, love it, love it so glad I made the call to you! Thank you and we both look forward to working with you again soon.

Ellen from New York City

Thank you so much; it was so helpful and you are wonderful to work with.
I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an organizer and hope to work with you again post our renovation or before.

Lynda from Copaigue

Thank you, I could not have done it without you and can't wait till next tues! I ordered file folders, and some laundry room organizers, I'm ready!

My parents were very pleased too!

Alicia from Holbrook

It was great working with you. Although my husband couldn’t make to our session, he came home and loved what you did! You totally motivated me! I continued finishing my kitchen and bathroom until 5 in the morning (spring ahead). I made a few trips to the store to buy some organization items you mentioned. Love it, love it, love it so glad I made the call to you! Thank you and we both look forward to working with you again soon.

Pam from Commack

Thank you for your generosity, energy, thoughtfulness and cheerfulness, and for putting some structure back into my life, especially during the holidays when I get stressed and can spin out of control. And thank you for the nice holiday wishes – your mitzvahs add to my merry!

Lakshmi from Long Island City

Hello Cynthia! It was an absolute pleasure to meet you! Thank you so much for all of your organizing ideas and my Feng Shui Consultation. I am excited to put it into practice :)

Last night, I finished the pantry we started together, the drawers and the cabinets in the kitchen.... it is awesome. I also organized my under the bathroom sink, so that everything can be seen. Next, I want to get rid of all of the boxes... I am so motivated. Have a wonderful day & I will be sending you photos :)

Susan from Queens

Thank You so much Cynthia,. you did your magic: Home Staging my home that it was sold in 2 weeks. You knew exactly knew what to do and we did it together which was so enlightening and now I have the skills to organize my new home. The realtor could not believe it. I did not think it will sell until the spring but Florida, here I come!

Kevin and Victoria from Port Washington

We are now neatly organized and in better shape thanks for your assistance. Thanks Cynthia!

Rebecca from Massapequa

I love how organized my cabinets are! Thanks for all of your hard work!

Marilyn in Huntington

Working with Cynthia has been life changing! I can now find my clothes, my warranty papers and anything else I need. We organized my greeting cards and my office supplies and I haven’t needed to buy those items now that I know what I have and where everything is. I have learned organizational strategies that I use on a daily basis. And best of all, Cynthia is a pleasure to work with!

I love my filing system!! I can find everything!!!

Melissa from Dix Hills

Hi Cynthia, You will like this story.
My kids and I happened to go to Buy Buy Baby to get more sunblock for camp tomorrow (we already finished what we had.) Luckily, I was organized and had all my coupons in the car. The man at the cashier even said to me that he has been working there for three years and has never seen anybody been so organized with coupons. I even happen to have three that were not expired! Their policy is different then Bed Bath and Beyond.

Claire from Deer Park

I will be using Cynthia again in the fall to do my attic. She did my entire house already and I couldn’t be more pleased with her enthusiasm, positive energy and knowledge of organizing!

Erna from Rocky Point

 I Appreciate how fast you were in touch and you're availability when I needed to organize a spare bedroom. You're endless energy to get thru everything was inspiring.

Paris from Centereach

Wow thank you so much with the decluttering and Staging of my parents’ home. And all the wonderful advice along the way. You made the process less overwhelming and I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for your referrals. Cynthia---I can see why you're so successful

Madelaine & Chris from Oyster Bay

Thank you so much for everything. Your knowledge,energy and enthusiasm is an inspiration. Chris and I are thrilled with all the changes and can't wait to continue getting our lives organized. I already can feel a new sense of peace. We are continuing to work while wait for the next session and feel really inspired. It is so nice I now have hope instead of being overwhelmed. Thank You!

Marilyn from Huntington

I loved our session and immediately got rid of the excess hangers, bottles and dry cleaning. I even found a nearby dry cleaner with free box storage for my off season clothes and more hangers are on the way! Will certainly contact the handyman and am looking forward to our next session! You are so motivating and fun to work with. You make the day of organizing very enjoyable!

Ellen from Huntington

Cynthia you were terrific in getting our home office organized and showing us the way! No we’re getting ready to attack the bookcases in the next room and other areas in the house (once you have a certified professional organizer in your life, it is hard to let you go. :-) )

Marjorie and Bert in Port Jeff Station

Cynthia you have so many great ideas with organizing and décor. I am shocked of how much you changed our home after 35 years in just one session. You are so creative and lovely to work with! We are so lucky for you to use all the Interior design, Feng Shui and Organizing talents with us!

Caryl from Glenwood Landing

Thank you SO MUCH for today -- I can't tell you how much I appreciate walking into my office, and being able to sit down to write this note - and not worry about tripping over everything. It looks and feels great. Hopefully, my bedroom will "catch on" and provide me with the same feeling.

For me to be able to sit down in my office and not trip over or spill anything.....or lose everything made of paper, is such a relief. I can't wait for my bedroom to be in the same condition.

Thank you again for your time, patience, and the ability not to make me feel foolish.

Have a great week ... Looking forward to the next challenge with you since you make it so easy!

Jill from Northport

Hi Cynthia, Thank you so much for all your help with the organization of basement, kitchen and attic. I missed you this morning as I attempted to clean out my clothing closet! I was frequently reminded of you encouragement to get rid of what I don't use or need. Thanks again. Look forward to working with you in the future. You are terrific!

Beth from Garden City

Cynthia helped me create a family filing system when I was pregnant with my sixth child and my eldest was about to start applying to colleges. I was fearful of the financial aid process and not having access to financial records, as I hadn't kept up with the filing for some time because of no successful way of dealing with paper in the house. Cynthia's "method" worked for us because it is so simple and relies on common sense. Even if I didn't find an uncashed check or two in the papers we sorted through together, I would say it was money well spent to have Cynthia come in! After one day of working together the problem I had worried about for so long was largely solved. I highly recommend Cynthia's services!

Debbie from Mattituck

Megan seems very happy and proud of the work she did and that's really important ! See you next week!

Stacy from Port Jefferson

First off thank you ~ I feel great today!!!! I really appreciate you helping and guiding me so im able to BE and HAVE and organized life!!!! I look forward to seeing you at future networking events and I will be sure to recommend your services:))

Claire from Deer Park

I am so thrilled to walk into that room. It's been years and the topper was finding that watch. I can hardly wait for next Friday. I really enjoyed working with you.

Marissa from Manhasset Hills

Thanks Cynthia ! You really changed my life!!

Rebecca from Queens

Every time when I clean up my apartment , I always am reminded as to how to organize my space and to get rid of things because of Cynthia's previous guidance from when I was a teenager. My physical space helps me with my busy life of working and now getting my Masters in social services

Tania from Great Neck

I learned so much from Cynthia to just throw out what is not necessary, and hints and tips of what objects should go together.
Like when she said a drawer for sports, just love that idea.
Cynthia continues to remind me that time is valuable and we should eliminate items that make us think if we need it when we really do not. That hesitation costs us valuable time.

Karen from Rocky Point

Cynthia thank you so much for all your organizing help. I am so relieved of the clutter in the girls room and craft area.

Sherri from Brookville

My china cabinet has looked better ever since you came. I am able to maintain the order and I understood the rules of keeping it looking balanced.
Thanks for your help.

Kris from Watermill

You have truly transformed the chaos in my life!...I've created space in my life to be the true artist I am, which is what I've always wanted to do. I love my home now. I'm able to entertain more.  As my life has gotten more complicated and bigger, I have used the techniques you taught in my personal life and transferred them to my professional life.  Thank you for all you have done. With gratitude.”

Michele from Massapequa

I feel the most productive when you are around. Those annoying projects hanging over me get done when you facilitate the organizing process!

Women's Fund of Long Island, Erica Hecht

I knew the organizing would make a huge impact. I knew we would definitely be happier. What I didn’t realize is how much of an overflow into so many other areas there would be. Your work is life-changing. And I wanted to let you know that not only do we appreciate all that you did for us (I tell anyone who will listen) but we honor you by keeping everything as neat as possible.

Laura from Freeport

Well, talk about appropriate! Great article. It really does apply to me in so many ways. I've been really struggling. I'm having a very hard time at my moms- they want me out. I'm not ready to move home yet. Not enough done. . Once its all cleaned out I really will need you to come see me again. I truly miss you Cynthia. Its funny how in just a few short days you have become such an integral part of my thinking process. I find myself thinking "What would Cynthia do?" and usually, the answer comes to me in the most organized of ways! :-) I'll be in touch really soon. Thanks for sharing the article.

Michele from Massapequa

My daughter never spent time in her room, resisted going to bed, and had trouble sleeping… now my daughter's room is a calm, organized and such an uplifting space. My daughter happily spends creative time in her room and invites friends to play. Thank you Cynthia!

Karen from Franklin Square

Before I met Cynthia I bought many things on E-bay or from HSN or QVC. I thought the things I bought would change my life. Only it didn't! My internal sales pitch was always that this thing is going to make everything better, It will save me time and money and make my life easier. It will make me healthy or fit or beautiful. And I truly believed it! I'll share my last purchase of the deep freezer. This decision was carefully cultivated after hours of research on the internet on cubic feet and efficiency ratings. There weren't sexy ads telling me which model to buy. At first I truly believed the freezer would change my life. It would be stocked with delicious healthy meals and that I'll be able to just pop them into the microwave. The meals will be organized by date and type. It will save me time and money! Except the freezer didn't stock itself nor did it label things or organize meals. That is where Cynthia came in to rescue me. I kept buying things thinking it would improve my life but they didn't and just added more clutter without reason. Now I learned from working with Cynthia that everything I keep costs time and money to manage and to take that into consideration before it arrives at my doorstep. Cynthia has truly changed my life and I have learned so much from her about general life and home skills and more importantly I now can maintain my beautiful organized home we created together over the last several months.

Keryn from Levittown

It was quite a pleasure to wake up this morning and be able to find exactly what I needed within seconds. In addition, when I did the laundry. It was quick and easy to put away my own clothes! I can gladly take down the sign ( No Entry) on the door because I am no longer embarrassed for people to come into my room. Thanks for all your help and understanding!

Kathy from Babylon

My experience with Cynthia never ceases to amaze me. Once we start organizing I never want to stop. She makes it so easy and fun! I enjoy what I have learned from her in so many ways. She has taught me how to manage my home which I never knew. She has made my home feel like a vacation place. I am so lucky that I found her.

Nancy from Bayside

Cynthia It amazes me how quickly you can bring order to chaos! My apartment is being transformed so quickly Thanks to you! I can't wait until our next organizing session.

Elyse from Watermill

Thanks Cynthia or organizing our kitchen and bathrooms. Even this morning, the whole family feels the difference. It is more calm and knowing where everything is has opened up our world. Thank you again!

Ellen from Stony Brook

Honestly, the thought of organizing my house was so daunting to me. This was the typical thought process that went down in my head regarding the state of my house: Man, what a mess, how the heck did we get here? I really need to clean this house, maybe start with laundry carrying a pile of laundry to the laundry room...shoot, the laundry room is so disorganized, I should start that first... starting to organize the laundry room, I carry the clean clothes to the closet... Dang! My closet is a mess, start to clean that up... and that's how the cycle went everyday, And at the end of the day, I' was exhausted and nothing ever got done. I also didn't mention all the things that went on in between all of that. The phone calls, meal prep, dealing with kids stuff that breaks up every effort to clean and organize. But then Cynthia, you came to my home, and together we attacked the organizing of my home and I still to this day cannot believe how much I learned from you and I will forever be grateful for all your patience and knowledge you passed onto me. I love my home now! Thank You! Thank You! I will recommend you to everyone! i wished I hired you years ago!

Dana from Astoria

I was Cynthia’s client for about a year beginning in November 2007. There are so many ways in which she helped me grow and change and guided me to having a more efficient and more beautiful and comfortable home. Her kind and friendly personality reassured me right away that I could indeed make changes in the way I live. She also taught me so many basic yet profound ways in which I could streamline and organize my belongings, my home furnishings and even my time! . Cynthia helped me analyze and schedule the things I need to do in order to get going and get out.Cynthia inspired and taught me to reflect and examine many of my preconceived notions and beliefs about holding onto many things. She gently, yet firmly, told me again and again that even if an object has some value, if it doesn’t have value for me, if I’m not using it, then the value is wasted. If I can pass it on to someone else, great, but if not, then it is better to discard it than to have it in my home generating negative energy. When we were done working on my home, I asked her to come to my classroom and help me there. We set up files and organized supplies and to this day the organizing systems she created are still working for me. ( 5 years later) Cynthia is truly gifted in helping people and in sharing her wisdom. Yes she did a great deal of the physical work of getting the clutter out and I am grateful for that. But most of all, her teaching her sharing of techniques and strategies, are what have really helped me because now I have the skill sets I need to do it myself. To me Cynthia has been a true Wizard of Oz, granting me brains, courage, strength and heart to be a better wife, mother, and teacher.

Pam from Commack

Thank you Cynthia so much for your diligence, vigilance and patience. I could not have organized my home without you. You were a pleasure to work with. I will miss you!

Sabah from Old Westbury

This was a very good experience for me. Not only did I get my house organized but organized my life in many ways too. Now I don't panic after returning home from shopping from anywhere. I learned everything has a place to be. I just have to make it.

Seth In Huntington

I hired Cynthia to help me organize my very disorganized office. She met with me to view the project and then discussed several strategies that we would use together to bring the project to a successful outcome.
She shared her expertise with me, offered very valuable and easy to implement organization techniques and was never judgmental. We worked together on the project for three days and I was very pleased with the results. It's now several years later and I am pleased to say that my office remains organized.
I would highly recommend Cynthia to anyone looking to organize an office, business or home.

Ilise from Merrick

Hi Cynthia, I learned alot from organizing my home with you this summer & hope to keep most of it going.
You have made it alot easier for us now to manage our home especially the laundry and kids items.

Kathy from W. Babylon

I had a great time working together today and I can hardly wait until September. I already started with the pictures downstairs and I also emptied some more of my husband's stuff to bring to the office tomorrow. Woo Hoo I am soooooooo excited. Thanks you so much you are a wonderful person.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Caryn from Patchogue

After just 2 hours of working with Cynthia, she leaves and I am on this high that I call the “Cynthia Effect”. Not only have we completed at least one of those awful tasks I’ve been avoiding, but as the days go by, I have this nice little voice in my head saying “what would Cynthia do” as I look at the 30 other projects waiting to be addressed. I start going through them thinking how “proud” Cynthia will be when she returns. Next thing you know, I’m looking at an average art project my son created, and I hear Cynthia’s voice saying “THROW IT AWAY”. I may get sentimental for a minute and then I THROW IT AWAY!! Cynthia’s effect is not only organizational but it’s therapeutic and calming. Frankly, it’s a little stalkerish how much I think about her…in a good way!”

Lisa from Miller Place

The work was better than my expectations. I felt like my experience was better than any college class I ever took. It was hands on. She helped personalize organizational needs for my family and self. I have been organizing ever since Cynthia taught me her method. Not only is my house organized, but my brain feels less cluttered as well. I would hire Cynthia Braun again. Especially at times such as holidays, moving, and spring cleaning. Oh, and getting ready for a new baby. I wish I knew about her when I was pregnant. Cynthia was helpful in so many ways. For me, it was having someone, objectively, stand next to me while we touched almost everything in my house. It is a blessing to be able to tell my husband exactly where things are located, when he asks me. This has been my New Years resolution since high school. I always wanted to feel organized, but had no idea how to begin. These sessions gave me the tools and esteem to finally feel in control of my personal space. I am 35 with a family now. This experience was so motivational.

Charlene in East Hills

Having a professional like you really helped remove any emotional stress relative to combining households. You made it an easy, quick and smooth transition!

Nancy from Garden City

Thank you do much. I love the room. My husband was impressed

Lisa from Miller Place

I already raved about you to my therapist. I told her you walk the talk in your website. She wrote down your web address for people who need organizational support. Can't wait for our next organizing session

Grace from Mineola

I just wanted to say a BIG thank you sooooo much for all you've done for me! You are incredible and have definitely changed my life in so many ways. My hubby is very happy too, and I needed that. I hope after I refer you my friends that will use you! :). It will change their lives too! Will definitely be in touch. Please use me as a reference if need-will. ABSOLUTELY rave about you. Will friend you on FB (I know you said "Organize Your Life" and want to try to attend one of your seminars!

Caren from Huntington

It wasn’t always like this, was it? At some point desire and need became untethered in our lives, and shopping became a competitive sport in mine. Sometimes I feel as though credit cards have helped me concentrate on quantity, not quality. Plastic is magical, as though the bill will never come due. I noticed when I drive down the highways of our youth and measure what’s changed? There are the big-box stores, the home emporiums, the fast-food places, but the weirdest addition are those storage facilities that loom, bunker like, windowless. When we were kids, storage was the basement and attic, an army trunk, atop a broken chair. When my grown children got their own places, they went shopping in the top and bottom stories of my parents homes. When you go to their apartments, it’s like a walk down memory lane—that little table they never really found a place for. So when I hired Cynthia I was able to purge with confidence all the things in my life that I no longer needed, wanted or loved. She taught what was important to keep for my life NOW, not for my past. I have all my photos now organized in albums thanks to her. NOW I can enjoy them with friends and family. Now that my entire house is organized, I feel 100 pounds lighter. My grandkids will have to go shopping elsewhere to fill their apartments.

Danielle from Nesconset

Thank YOU so much...it helped so much and i'm so much less stressed and more motivated. You gave me the kick start I needed. I would love to have you back, just have to figure out my life cause it will probably have to be after we come back from Hawaii and when I can possibly take another day off of work. I have been thinking throughout the rest of the evening that I can't wait to do more and send you update photo's LOL. I'll definitely be in touch to continue working hopefully a few more times through the summer.

Thank you for your help and patience today.

Seth from Northport

I hired Cynthia to help me organize my very disorganized office. She met with me to view the project and then discussed several strategies that we would use together to bring the project to a successful outcome.

She shared her expertise with me, offered very valuable and easy to implement organization techniques and was never judgmental. We worked together on the project for three days and I was very pleased with the results. It's now several years later and I am pleased to say that my office remains organized.

I would highly recommend Cynthia to anyone looking to organize an office, business or home."

Andrea in Islip

To be organized by Cynthia is as necessary as the economy needs cash. Until I met Cynthia, the job of organizing was my worst nightmare. Now, after my 30 years of procrastinating, She has worked wonders; she has transformed every room in my home, converting them from cluttered spaces to functional, sensible rooms. I now can have people over without any worries. Her organizational methods, makeover decorating and training me have made Cynthia indispensable in our home.

Elissa from Setauket, owner of Cleaned to Perfection & Meticulice

Cynthia helped me to organize and create a highly efficient office space and reception area for my Business' Meticulice and Cleaned To Perfection. She has now given me the tools to continue to keep my paperwork and filing flowing into the proper places! She is talented and creative and truly knowledgeable with her organizing.

Stamatia in NYC

Thank you so much for doing such a great job today & for your help and guidance. I apply your principles in every day life but a good check in every few years is a must! I am so pleased with everything we accomplished!

After you left, I had a quick bite but kept working. I just finished my business card file. I have several of your cards-and believe me I recommend you every chance I get. Some people are stuck & it's hard to push them to take the final step.

Michele from Massapequa

The work met and exceeded my expectations and I did learn the skill of maintaining organization. I certainly would hire you again. I Absolutely found value in the time spent organizing. I have told you that as we worked together i become almost frazzled and my brain feels like it is spinning. I'm glad you get a 'high' from organizing and can push me through when my brain starts to combust!

Jennifer from Setauket

Cynthia has assisted in the organization of my home office and kitchen. She has been creative, yet practical and considerate of my individual lifestyle and work routine. She is efficient with time and follows through with ideas. Each session has been productive and beneficial. I look forward to our next opportunity to work together.

Katy from Greenlawn

Cynthia, Thank you so much.... Christopher's room has NEVER been so organized. Best money we ever spent. Chris even made his bed before he left for work today. I was absolutely shocked. I didn't think he would enjoy his time organizing, but he actually did feel so much better when it was finished. Thanks again

Pam from Port Jeff Station

Cynthia came in after a brief Needs Assessment over the phone and new exactly what to do. My husband and I just downsized and needed all our stuff organized in our new apartment. She was able to accomplish so much in such a short period of time. She asked us questions to understand our needs and how we want to function in he new space. She was very easy to talk and work with. She actually made it fun and less stressful than anticipated. We went shopping with her too to get the right organizing supplies to help us maintain our systems and processes we developed with her in our new home. She even suggested ideas to make the space more functional and efficient. She even gave us decorating ideas. We were so happy with her professionalism and patience. I recommend her highly!

Jessie from Far Rockaway

The linen closet looks fabulous. I got the canvas containers. as you predicted, I feel happy every time I open it. thank you. I am also absolutely delighted with the basement. It is so wonderful to go into the storage room and see order and not chaos. It feels so relaxing

Beth from Fort Salonga

I found such value in your work! At first everything was overwhelming, but Cynthia showed me the way to approach de-cluttering that made it simpler and more effective. I am no longer a prisoner of the clutter. In addition, since I now know where everything is, I am spending less money on things that before I could not find buried deep in the clutter. Also, less time is spent packing for vacation and getting out of the house with two children now that I do not have to waste time looking for things. One area in which Cynthia’s help significantly added value was in doing laundry. Her advice cut down on the amount of time I spent doing laundry by more than half. Thanks, Cynthia!


thank you note  Dear Cynthia

Thank you for all your help in organizing our home. Since your visit we have continued the process and have made wonderful progress, especially in the kitchen and our bedroom. Next we'll move on to Annika's room and finally the office. You have really inspired us to live simpler and it feels great.

Michelle from Brookville

The work done met my expectations and definitely beyond my expectations. I felt I learned the skill of maintaining the organization and months later I am still able to keep things organized. The ability to find things more quickly and easily; not to keep things with no meaning and no place to place them! Cynthia, you helped me have a home and to become organized something I never thought possible but dreamed of. I was able to organize other people but once I retired, I was never able to organize myself.

Keith & Paula from Roslyn Heights

Thank you Cynthia, We feel we have learned a new skill and find our house is much neater and less cluttered than ever. We would hire YOU again and will when we have more time to devote to the task at hand. There was and still is tremendous value in the work you performed. We appreciate the work you did for us and would highly recommend you!

Susan from Coram

Cynthia made it fun to do the tasks that I have been dreading and feeling very overwhelmed to attack. I am now looking forward to this new "journey" ahead. She has inspired me to make changes in my life that will help pave the way to an exciting future. I feel grateful for so many of the simple solutions that she has shared. Especially the decision making process she showed me to make it easier to make decisions on anything, since I realized making decisions was a major obstacle in my life and always kept me on the road to procrastination. I initially just expected to purge and find a place for everything and keep everything in its place, but Cynthia opened my eyes to the significant changes that I needed to make in my lifestyle to keep things from getting back to the way they had been. I continue to be excited about our future projects in the future and I intend to tap into her genius throughout the chapters of my life! I thoroughly enjoyed her company. Together we laughed, we ate, we organized, and we conquered!

Christina in Manorville

The party yesterday went AMAZINGLY and the clean kitchen made it alot easier to cook and find things thus allowing me to spend more time with my family. Thanks a million!

Lilly from Stony Brook

It's now been a year and half since you provided your organizing services and overall I can honestly say it was a very smart investment. The decision to reallocate the space according to our actual needs has meant that the house definitely looks more mindfully put together. You've finally training me to ENJOY throwing away clutter. I can now see that my problem before was fear, and that getting rid of what is not needed actually clears my head. Given that most of the systems you put in place are still in place eighteen months later, I'd say your work was a success. We all thank you.

Melisa from Patchogue

I really enjoyed our time together and I learned so much. I liked all the ideas that you had to make things organized. Now when the house is messy I know what needs to be done and it's less time consuming and less overwhelming.

Joyce from Port Jefferson

Cynthia did exactly what I need to do to; clear the clutter and organize my office in a very methodical method! I couldn't do it without you. THANK YOU!

Richard in Glen Cove

Working with Cynthia was a pleasure and what she taught me has really helped me keep my home organized and efficient

Naomi from Babylon

I've been thinking about you lately. It's close to a year that I've remained clutter free AND PROUD OF IT! My life style is different now. I only buy what I need and remove what I don't need. I was able to successfully redecorate my living room! Thank you! I would love for you to see the updated apartment sometime.

Hanita from Stony Brook

Thank you! It's wonderful to walk into the pantry and feel order and clarity! I so much appreciated your help on Saturday. It was great spending the time together and getting so much accomplished. I'll be eager for our next session in April.

Dennis and Ellen from Long Beach

Cynthia Braun, through her wonderful organizational skills, have allowed the two of us to manage our household affairs, which we really couldn't manage without her help. One of us has a difficult chronic illness, which makes everyday matters very difficult. She moved our mountain quite painlessly and with good humor. Now we can manage to keep up with everything.
We recommend her to everyone!

Dianne from Howard Beach

Of course I would recommend you I was very pleased and most important comfortable working with you. I will be arranging another session after the new year. Thanks again for your help

Richard from Astoria

We're still far from perfect organizationally speaking, but you definitely made a permanent change in our lives. We can never go back to the way we were so cluttered we couldn't move in our home. We think of you often and miss your can-do attitude and amused patience with our craziness.

The experience has changed all of us in the family

Mary from Hicksville

Cynthia, I can't believe what you did in just one organizing session. You were able to take all my papers from all over my home. Categorized it and set it up in my file cabinet. You made the process so easy. Now I enjoy dealing with my mail and papers. It only takes me seconds to retrieve any paper I need to refer to. I was stressing over this for years and like that you took away all the stress. You are amazing!

Thank you! Thank You! I can't wait to have you back to organize my clothes closets.

Naomi from West Babylon

All I learned about organization, I learned from Cynthia. What an amazing, wonderful and enlightening experience to de-clutter your life! I never learned how to properly create zones and systems that would work in my space until I found your website and called upon you to rescue me. You kept me motivated when I realized how much stuff I had collected over the years that I needed to get rid of. I lost weight - clutter weight, and feel much lighter and freer. I feel less stress and anxiety opening a closet and drawer to find what I am looking for. By clearing away all the clutter and things I didn't use anymore, I was able to move forward and get ideas of how I wanted to decorate, and rearrange furniture and decorative pieces I thought weren't possible. Cynthia - Thank you for helping me organize my life!

Thanks again

Alisa from Great Neck

I hope you and your family are enjoying the Passover holiday. thanks to you, I am! Unexpectedly, on six days notice, I had to take over our family Seder (25 people). thanks to the organizing, prioritizing, delegating, planning etc. skills I learned from you - not to mention the decluttered home, I was able to pull it off magnificently. Thank you yet again!

I am continuing my decluttering and organizing journey on my own. I often think of you with love and gratitude. The workshop at your home was inspirational for me.

Brian from Oyster Bay

Cynthia, I can't believe the change in my wife since you worked with her. Her behavior has changed towards the clutter since you made her realize that change is good. She realizes it is good to have less and be able to find things in an instant. She is beginning to see the benefits of having only the things she loves and needs. While she worked with you I think she realized that it is not just doing the physical part of the organizing but alot of it is the emotionally and psychological part. Since she did an 11 hour session with you which was a lot of time, I believe now that the more time she spends with you she will really "get it" and the philosophy will stick with her for the rest of her life. I have struggled all our married life to get this to happen and it took you only 11 hours. You are Amazing! It's all about the art of "letting go" and trusting her instincts by feeling confident with her decisions now, which you played a major role in. Thank you so much!

Alice from Bayport

Every chance I get (which isn't a lot lately) I do a little bit, but you got me started and very motivated I cleared out the corner with the stereo and put a book case in it, which was condensed from two into one, with the bottom empty, and of course now a whole empty bookcase! The surface areas and floor of the craft room are clear! I continue to work on the "toy" closet to free up space for other things. I still have to tackle the fabric, but I have an area to do it, so that's good. We are keeping up on the paperwork because now we have a system (thanks to you). We are moving along. We have a long way to go, but I have a plan and we are chipping away item by item!!! Thanks so much!

Cara from Oyster Bay

Thank you again for spending all day with me on Friday. It was a tremendous experience and I feel so good to have all that stuff go. I have to tell you that it was perfect timing that you organized all my candles because on Saturday night we had a power outage and I needed to use a bunch of my candles for light. I knew exactly where they were and they were easily accessible. It was such a good feeling. Thanks again. Looking forward to our next session! I have been telling all my friends about you too!

Christine from Farmingdale

I am so happy sitting in my “new” office typing this message to you! I can actually hear an echo in here – it is wonderful! My husband could not believe it when it got home last night, needless to say, he is very happy as well. We are now able to clearly think through the rest of the office move without the added burden of the disaster I was sitting in at home – whew!

Donna from Stony Brook

I just want you to know with confidence that Cynthia was awesome. She was here almost 3 years ago and my house is still organized and clutter free. She did my whole house. She labeled every cabinet and drawer and every bin in the playroom. There's no question where things go and everything gets put back where it belongs.

I am grateful for what she did for me. It was tough getting rid of some things that cluttered up the place that I didn't need, but I don't miss one thing that I donated or threw out. Just remember the rule when everything is organized: If you want to bring something else into the house, something has to go.

Also, Cynthia taught my daughter to organize her closet and drawers. She's 10. She was 6 or 7 then. To this day her drawers are perfect and her clothes are hung up in sets ready to wear off the hanger. Her room is still neat and clean and clutter free.

Unfortunately, I'm moving soon so I will have to do the same thing in the new house. She taught me a lot and I can now do it by myself. It is time consuming but well worth it. It's like a weight lifted off my shoulders. With the cluttered unorganized mess off my brain, I've been able to lose 55 pounds since then!

Shari from Dix Hills

It was a real pleasure working with you on Saturday. I feel like I have a Master plan in place. It's not just about organizing lives, but it's about really understanding people's needs. You have a very special quality and I'm sure we will be working together again.

Nicole from Wading River

I have to tell you that when you left on Friday I felt physically and emotionally exhausted! I'm sure you've figured out that I am a rather emotional person and clearing through all that stuff took it's toll! But I am so glad I did it. And I have been inspired ever since. I took apart the upstairs computer desk, cleaned it, purged (most of) my computer disks and put the monitor directly on the desk. I cleaned off the bulletin board in the mudroom. And last night, while my kids were staying at my folks' house, My husband and I dismantled those stupid little wardrobes in the girls' room and he installed a hanging pole, with a divider, and a shelf. I've hung up 80% of their clothes, based on your advice, and put the smaller stuff (underwear, tank tops, pjs) in a plastic chest of drawers underneath. I'm going to wash all the stuffed animals and then make them decide which ones we can toss. They will be allowed one basket each, the rest will go.

Colleen from Miller Place

You should change the name of your company from “Organize” Your Life to “Change” Your Life. I almost canceled our first appointment because I just didn’t know where to start. Thank goodness, I kept the appointment. Cynthia came to my house about six times and I cried when I hugged her goodbye because I was so grateful to her. I can’t say enough about Cynthia and what she did for me and my family. She literally changed our lives.

She not only helped me go through and organize our things- most importantly, she taught me how to run a household which is a skill I didn’t even realize I was lacking. As we went through each room, she was showing me how the room should work and how to implement “systems” in each room whether it was changing the seasonal clothes, doing the laundry, or organizing the kids’ crafts. I feel like I want to save everyone from their clutter and scream from the rooftops, “Hire Cynthia and Change Your Life!” I’m serious- you will be so much happier and more productive every minute of the day. Thank you, Cynthia.

Colleen from Miller Place (again)

Hi Cynthia!! This summer was great. It was particularly nice to have my guests in the house and be able to set them up so they didn't have to ask me where to find a towel or sun block or laundry detergent. I actually set up baskets (I knew where my baskets were) with toiletries and sun block. It was easy to set up their beds because I knew which sheets went with each bed and I had towels put out for each guest. When someone asked me where to find something, I could just tell them instead of having to go look for it myself because I was not quite sure where it was located. It was much more relaxing and enjoyable.

The girls rooms are doing well. The house has stayed in order. If it gets a little messy, we all work for about 10 minutes to get everything back in order. The girls know where everything goes so it is quick and easy and the girls are really learning the importance of making a place for everything. Kate just had a birthday party and we took all of the new gifts and put them in "a place" and we even threw out some other items.

I have preaching about organization to anyone who will listen. I feel like I want to save everyone! It has been so life changing- I can't even explain it.

Thank you again for everything Cynthia. You have no idea how you helped change my life and lives of my children. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I also have the girls' new backpacks all ready to go for school with all of their supplies for the year. This is totally unheard of because usually I am at the store a day or two before school starts and I am "digging" through the what is remaining at the stores to find the right items.

You have taught me how to run the house. I really think that this was an invaluable aspect of your service. I clearly had no idea how to "run" the house and I always made the excuse that I was a "working mother." That is totally ridiculous- if you have an organized home with systems in place, everyone can chip in and things don't become overwhelming. I thought the chaos reflected that I was "very busy" but that is not true. It just made things much more difficult and exhausting. Thank you for teaching me how to run the house- I never learned how to do run a house until you came. It is not something you are just born knowing how to do- it is a skill that must be learned. That was the best part of your service.

Harvey from Plainview

Cynthia, I enjoyed working with you and will gladly refer you to others as I know how that goes. I worked in my NEW office last night in the "to do" box. I just cannot thank you enough. Also, if you want to use me as a reference, who can sell "you" better than I can. Have anyone you want contact me and they will be sold. Thanks again

Carol from Hoboken

I actually have made some headway in using your technique of spending 15 minutes at a time, so as not to become overwhelmed. In speaking with my best friend, she too has been using this technique, which I believe she started in her kitchen pantry. I’m sure she’ll fill you in…..

I’m also in the process of finalizing a total redo of what was my dollhouse miniature room. It is now a sitting/sewing room. One aspect of it is that I totally emptied the room of its contents for the redo. This room has a closet and I removed the clothing bar and purchased stainless steel shelving units, similar to towers. (My thought was not to remove the closet as it would then not be considered a bedroom for resale purposes.) The clothing bar can easily be reinserted if someone wishes to use this room as a bedroom…..

Getting back to the closet, I am only placing what I either need or definitely want to keep in this closet. The balance will either be given away or sold at a future garage sale.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed your seminar and definitely took away many tips from it. Your home is lovely and I so enjoyed the company too!

My daughter and one of my daughters-in-law have both expressed interest in attending your next one. Do you have a schedule and price?

Thanks again!

Cindy from Smithtown

It was so easy to pack up my classroom this year because everything had a place. Also i even had time to sort through and file some papers we left in a big pile with post its from last June. I am learning to toss more and more and thus I value more what I keep. The same with clothing. I am completely trusting in my new body size so I am willing to let go of more and more of my larger size clothing. Also my new eyesight helps me organize and do things more smoothly. I am definitely one of your major success stories!!!! I will always be so grateful to you for your organizing skill, your wisdom, your support and your kindness. Not to mention your fabulous personality. Is there a Cynthia Braun fan club? I'm in it!!!

Kris from Centerport

I am still in kind of a state of shock after Monday. I just put out 5 crammed bags of paper recycling for pick up tomorrow morning. I finished my picture layout for the garden club luncheon, which was today, totally amazed that I had a table I could really work on! And a floor I could actually walk on without fearing for my life! I am busy putting the pages back in the historian's book and the display boards back in the garage. I AM maintaining the clear space we made together! See you next week.

Marcia and Harvey from Plainview

Thank you again-for all your hard work and incredible organizing skills-and- as Harvey just said-your dedication and enthusiasm in getting the job done! We are on our way!

Mindy from Setauket

I worked with Cynthia Braun through a gift certificate originally and then found what she offer as extremely valuable. Cynthia helped organize our office and gave valuable tips on organizing our closets. She also made a scrapbook of my son's Bar Mitzvah. She was dependable, honest and easy to work with. We love the scrapbook because it was so artistically done and reflected our taste and vision. Aside from a professional photo album, we were able to save speeches that were made on that day. We are grateful to
Cynthia for her skill!!! She gave us a one-of-a kind album for a one-of-a kind day. Thank you!

Jennifer from Setauket

The laundry room is so much better than it was. And the laundry is now being done separately and is so much easier now that everyone has their own hamper. Jillian even helps throw her laundry in the washer (she is not even two yet!!). PS- You helped me out tremendously
Thank you Cynthia!

Wendy, Plainview

Cynthia, You won't believe what I did after you left, I can't believe I was so energized. It is all because of all we did together. You got me over the large overwhelming hump of papers. I feel liberated! I'll be in touch soon and thank you again. This wasn't too hard and I didn't get anxious.

Lisa, Northport

Cynthia is an answer to my prayers. I have always had trouble keeping my office organized. I would spend hours attempting to create a system to organize my space only to realize that the time was spent rearranging the clutter. She truly rescued me. I was so overwhelmed. What would have taken me 6 days, she completed in 6 hours. Utilizing her services has saved me so much time and eliminated stress. I can find things quickly and can think more clearly. My sales have increased because I can focus on my business without being frustrated with my office environment. Cynthia has an awesome gift of transforming a room into a comfortable, inviting and organized living space. She is a sensitive, creative and savvy business professional. I recommend her to all of my colleagues.

Jeannette, W. Islip

Last year my family and I finally closed up the house that I grew up in. I was lucky enough to get some personal items that belonged to my mother as well as pictures and albums. When I brought them to my new house I was sure that I would know exactly what to do
with everything. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. I ended up putting everything in my guest-room. My guest-room got to look like such a storage center that I was embarrassed to have anyone stay over. Then I found Cynthia. She helped me organize my guest-room to the
point that now I can’t have enough people stay over because I want everyone to see how pretty my room is. Now we are organizing my walk-in closet and we are having so much fun doing it!

Rick from Little Neck

Thank you, Cynthia, for the very real help that gave our family. Things really are much improved in our home. You unquestionably have excellent strategies for organizing. It has measurably improved our lives. We go on from here with a better sense of how to keep things in order. You are also a very nice human being.

Frankie age 12

I thought the whole process was boring but I liked the outcome. I think I
could get used to the system.

Lisa from Hauppauge

Thank you for getting back to me with the electrician info. I just want to THANK you very much for all your hard work! We are all in shock over the office, but happy shock! When my husband got home, he was extremely happy and I even told him about all the stuff we threw out and he was totally ok with it. I even told him about all the stuff he needed to get rid of in the basement and we are going to work on it. The way I think that the process was was like tough love. It was exactly what I needed!! I needed you to be tough and say Throw it out!! What a great experience!! So, thank you again very much! I am going to attempt the basement with my husband and I am going to attempt the loft, but if I can't do it alone you will definitely be getting a call (or email) from me!! Tomorrow I will be searching for furniture for the office. yeah! This has been a wonderful (and exhausting) experience for me. I will be telling everyone I know (and I know a LOT of unorganized people! ) how great you are and how they NEED you!!

Janet from Babylon

I just wanted to let you know how much easier life is since all the organizing you brought to my home. It's great!

Melissa from Bellport

Thank you so much for a very productive day! Your professionalism and help were greatly appreciated!!! I love the way you gently convinced me to get rid of things without making me feel TOO terribly! As a self-proclaimed packrat/ocd/add teacher, your help was invaluable! I will most definitely be in touch in the future.
Thanks again !

Carole from Plainview

It's so good to hear from you. It's been a long time since you were at my home and I have often wanted to tell you about, how some things worked out. We had a couple of major successes that are still going on today. The major success that we had, and still have are the children's rooms. Basically they have maintained their space and very rarely need to do more than a 5-10 minute cleanup. They each still have empty drawers that you cleaned out, and they have never filled them up with anything again. My younger sons closet is still perfect. It seems a shame to have extra room and not use it, but it's better than the little toy parts and papers we found stuffed into them. I'm not saying the kids are perfect, but they really learnt a lot from you and don't seem to want to keep things that are no longer of any use to them. They easily throw out their papers and boxes from old toys ( I don't even think we have any old toys anymore). They also hand over clothes that are too small and don't stuff them into a closet. They donate them and are happy to see them go. I don't know if you remember, but they were not too happy when you came, but you won them over and I see how much they got from the experience. Hopefully it will stay with them for a life time.

I think overall, having the bedrooms and bathrooms in good shape has been a great improvement and my kids have the skills I could not teach them.

Dennis from Long Beach

We organized the kitchen and pantry after Passover as we switched back. Building on your suggestions, we think we did pretty well. . Thank you again for your splendid work. Ellen and I agree that our lives are enhanced every day as a result, and we are very grateful. We would absolutely encourage you to publicize our opinion of you and your expertise. We have already recommended you to people that we feel could benefit from your services. We are very much enjoying the fruits of your labor. It is truly more pleasant living in the house now. What you do is a great mitzvah!

Debbie from Setauket

We all lead such hectic stressful lives -- Fortunately Cynthia you were there to help us take a deep breath, sort through the chaos, and spend more meaningful time with those who mean the most to us. I know I'll be calling next to help out with a scrapbook for my daughter's adoption story next. THANK YOU for all the wonderful things you did for me and my family!

Stamatia from Huntington

It was great meeting and working with you on Friday. I can't tell you how unburdened I feel. I am really looking forward to getting the whole house in order, truly it has kept me awake a few nights just thinking of all of the rest I would like to accomplish to truly free myself. I continued on after you left and over the weekend, put the bank statements in order and filed, went through the magazines (got rid of a ton but still have a second round to go on the magazines). I found more bags (filled with paper) in the master bedroom closet, still have to sort through those. I purchased all of the supplies we discussed at BB&B. I also purchased an interim file caddy (on wheels) from Staples to hold our files until I can find the right fie cabinet. Thanks again for all your help. That was truly the best investment I have made in a very long time. I really appreciate it. Thanks again.

Alisa from Great Neck

A dusty shoebox filled with audiocassettes that I haven’t listened to for over 15 years. Should I toss them? But I paid money for them…Tony Bennett is a great singer…these are good cassettes…they still work…

On my own I would keep them. Cynthia gently questions me about them. Have you listened to any of these cassettes recently? Would you listen to them? Did you even know that they were here, that you still had them, that you ever had them? Again gently and patiently Cynthia waits for my response. I touch them; I look at the titles, my insides churning. These are good cassettes, I could use them, give them to someone…but no one uses audiocassettes anymore. A few deep breaths and I am ready to let them go.

Hey, I was organized about these cassettes. They were all together in one box. That’s about as far as I ever got on my own. Cynthia and I have found lots of dusty labeled boxes of various sizes and shapes, all labeled, all meaningless because they were floating in a house of clutter and disorganization.

Cynthia has guided me through the mess and helped me find things that do have value and meaning for me today. Then she helped organize them in a way that makes sense and so that I can easily locate them when I want them. Now I can wear any of the earrings I love because she helped me find put the two earrings in each pair together and logically place them in my jewelry box.
Thanks to Cynthia so much of the struggle and frustration is gone from my daily life. Cynthia is a consummate professional. She knows the business of organizing inside out. She understands how a home functions best. She takes note of what is important to me and helps me organize my own particular stuff. She also knows so much about what products are available to make the systems she helps me set up work.

Cynthia is professional but at the same time she is warm and personable. She understands what I am going through and she is responsive to my needs. She questions some of my decisions but then lets it go and says, "Why don’t you give yourself a few minutes to think about it?" Let’s put the typewriter you forgot you had and haven’t used in over thirty years on the desk and we can come back to it later. My panic dies down. I don’t have to part with the typewriter I took to college in 1967. A half hour later I am ready to realize that I don’t need to hold onto it anymore. If there should be a major power failure and I can’t use my computer to write, and I have something I must write, well then I can use paper and pen!

Cynthia has unflagging energy and enthusiasm for the organizing task at hand. She stays focused and keeps me on task too.
As is evident from what I have written above, working with Cynthia has been a tremendous growth experience for me. It is a journey I could never ever have taken alone. Twenty-nine years of accumulation in my home plus so much that I took from my parents’ house is simply too much for me to handle alone, especially with my lack of organizational skills.

Now everything is so much easier for me at home. By removing all the unneeded clutter and organizing what I do need and want, my daily life is a pleasure. There is flow in everything I do. Hosting a dinner party used to be a tremendous drain and struggle for me, searching for the serving pieces, frantically rummaging through my spice cabinet for the right ingredients. Now it is like a graceful dance. I go to the spot where I know the things I need will be and take them out! This may sound like nothing to someone else but to me this is nothing short of a miracle.

A valuable part of the journey I’m taking is that Cynthia has not accomplished this without me. I have actively participated in all the decisions and as I tried out the new systems we set up together, especially in the kitchen, we have revisited and “tweaked” the things that I found out needed to be adjusted.

As we proceed together, I am becoming more discerning about what I want to keep in my home. It gets easier and easier for me.
I am very grateful to Cynthia for her organizing expertise, her professionalism, her integrity, and her kindness. I have the highest regard for her and I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone who needs organizing and decluttering help in their home or business.

Cami from West Islip

Hiring Cynthia to organize my house was invaluable. It’s such a great feeling to have all the clutter gone and everything in its place, especially the clothes and toys. It’s been six months since she’s been here and everything is still organized. She not only organized the whole house, but she taught me how to keep up with it and how to organize new things that come into the house. I was just looking through before photos of my kitchen cabinets and bedroom and it was scary that I lived like that. Never again, thanks to Cynthia!

It's been a year since you've been here and everything is still organized!!! I do let it get a little messy sometimes but it's easy when it's time to put everything away because everything has a place!! I had a cleaning service clean my house yesterday. A crew of three people cleaned the entire house in an hour and half, including windows!! They said it was very organized and they could've finished in an hour if I didn't have all these animals!! (I got a new puppy!!) Thanks so much for everything. I love it.

3 years later

My daughter's room is still perfect! I love the way she (yes, she) hangs her clothes in sets. There's so much room and everything stays neat and organized!

Diana from Long Island

I had fun organizing everything! Certain things are definitely be much better organized and purged .You definitely taught me such important things that I will be able to use - thank you!

Lucy from StonyBrook

I'm loving the new and improved bedroom. Thanks again.

Jennifer from St. James

My mother is here this week you know and I am really pleased at how smoothly this week has been going .While she is here, my house is relatively in order and I am really not stressed. I owe that to you!!!

Donna from St James

In the short time you've worked with me, the organization skills you've taught me so far have helped me more than I can say. It gives me a wonderful feeling of accomplishment with what I've done in Craig's room on my own. Thank you!! I'm looking forward to seeing you Tuesday and organizing more of the upstairs.

Hiring Cynthia to organize my kids room closets and basement was the best decision I made. Cynthia is a wonderful and great person and she has taught me how to be more efficient and organized person. This has helped me in all aspects of my life. Thank you!

Christina from Old Brookville

Thank you very much for all of your help in staging and organizing my home for me. You were great to work with and the results were so liberating. Getting out from the clutter and mess that had accumulated over 11 years was wonderful. You quickly helped me get control of my life and return to order almost from the day we met. I now can find everything and my morning routine has been streamlined. I have more clothes than I realized and I even remember why I bought some of the stuff I had forgotten at the back of the closet.

Your assistance with the staging of the home was immediately recognized by the real estate agents who looked at the house. Some had seen it before your work and were amazed at how much additional space and how inviting the rooms were now that the clutter was gone. Your efforts should really help the house sell quickly.

Thank you again for all of your help and your friendship over the past year. I have been recommending everyone I know who needs some help organizing, decluttering and taking back their lives to give you a call. Everyone who sees the results is sold on your services.

I am sure we will have reason to work together soon. I think I am going to give my mother a gift of your services for Christmas it made such a difference for me I want to share the feeling.

Regards and many thanks.

Lynne from East Rockaway

I just wanted to thank you for such a beautiful job you did organizing my closet and my room! You gave me so many helpful hints that I could actually hear your voice in my head when I was cleaning out my bathroom cabinets. Thank you so much! You really helped me get organized and I really appreciate it. Now when I come home, I make sure everything goes in its right place. Thanks again.

Sharon from Roslyn

Cynthia knew exactly what to do with all my pictures and stuff in the closets. She organized both my young sons' closets to make it easy for me to find the appropriate clothes for each size. She helped me establish a routine to switch out outgrown clothes and clothes to grow into, which was a huge load off my shoulders. She organized my kitchen and pantry so I can save time in setting up and cleaning up after meals. We also got our garage back. I can walk into it and FIND things now. It's amazing what organizing does to one's life. I also can look in my laundry room without dismay. She knew what to get to make it all come together! Cynthia really eliminated a whole lot of stress in my life and I could never thank her enough.
Thanks for doing this for me Cynthia, it really helped me out and it is everything I wanted to say. Thanks again for everything. I look forward to working together again in the future

Diana from Dix Hills

I have to admit that I saved so much from my parents over the years. The items were always in my way in closets and in the garage. Cynthia made me realize that if I didn't part or store the stuff somewhere else I would not have enough room in my home for future items with my family. I realized that as long as I knew I had the most precious and meaningful things from my deceased parents that I would be able to organize my present and future life stuff better. I now have my closets basement and garage to use for my current lifestyle. We are enjoying our home more than ever. I have no problem finding things which saves me so much time and reduced my stress tremendously. I would recommend her highly since she is so understanding.

Pat from Port Jefferson

Cynthia has literally changed my life. I was divorced and needed an overhaul. She came and she delivered what she promises. She thoroughly organized my whole entire house, room by room. She didn't miss a thing!. Afterwards she helped me pick paint colors for all the rooms and even hired the contractor. She also took me shopping and helped me pick out new furniture and gave rooms new functions. She used her design ability to take it to the next level. She hung pictures and did many other wonderful things that I would never think of. I never realized the full potential of my home. Now I love my home and can't get over the transformation!

Rebecca from Dix Hills, Age 14

My mother would always nag me about having a clean room, and I wanted to have one also but it seemed that every time I would clean it would just end up messy again. When Cynthia arrived she knew what she was doing she looked through my room and knew exactly what had to be done. I had so much "junk" that was useless that I just did not want to let go of, but she helped me realize that I really did not need it. By the end of her session with me, I was amazed by how much stuff I had gotten rid of. Her services were so helpful; I am able to keep my room clean because I know where everything is. It's a great feeling knowing everything is organized. Thank you so much Cynthia!

Brenda from Huntington

Cynthia is wonderful because she reassuringly helps you let go of things you thought you had to save. Once they are gone, you never miss them. She even convinced my husband to let go of some things he saved, and it was painless for him.

LJ from Lynbrook

Impossible...that's the word I would have used to describe the task that I saw before me with regard to organizing my house AND my life. Day after day I lived with the word "impossible" (along with the mess) and it weighed me down so far that I almost forgot how to laugh. I needed to begin to "clean slate" my life and my home, and I didn't have a clue as to how to do just that. That's when I found my newest angel, Cynthia. I actually cried as she spoke to me on the phone and assured me that I would see a big difference after her first visit. Still somewhat of a disbeliever, but needing help, I said yes. And thus began my road to a place I never thought I would reach with a neat and organized home--a home in which I now feel pride. I cannot begin to thank Cynthia. She made it easier than I thought possible and at times actually fun! The results "knocked my socks off". Thank you, Cynthia from the bottom of my heart

Suzi from Commack

I  was very stuck and didn't know what to do until I met Cynthia. I thought she was going to leave within the first hour but instead she gave me the assurance that I can turn my life around. I have ADD and a sleep disorder and realized I had the inability to organize. She sympathized and understood my situation. She was easy to work with because of her patience and professionalism. We have come a long way. I have made tremendous strides because Cynthia believed in me. She was confident that this could happen. She showed me strategies that I never knew existed. I look forward to continued success in organizing for a better lifestyle.

Betty from Smithtown

I just wanted to let you know that since you came to my house last month, my life's paperwork has been moving along very smoothly. When I first called you my dining room table was literally PILED HIGH with about three to four months' worth of mail. Bills from utilities, magazines, Val-paks, PennySavers, school mail, etc. I was so overwhelmed that I kept PILING IT UP. When you were recommended to me, I didn't believe that anyone who was not familiar with my personal affairs would possibly be able to sort through all that STUFF. In just a few hours I had it all under control, and following the system you gave me has made me so organized. I will certainly recommend your service to my friends and colleagues who find this task as overwhelming as I do. Thank you again for your professionalism, (and your patience.)

Randee from Mt Sinai

Thanks for doing such a fabulous job organizing our kitchen, pantry and laundry room. I really thought we had to build an addition to fit all of our stuff, but you showed us how to eliminate clutter and make efficient use the space we have. Six months later, everything is still in order. My husband and I appreciate your hard work and would highly recommend your services. When can you come back and do the garage

Cindy from Nesconset

Cynthia was amazing in my house. My kitchen needed help desperately and I was too overwhelmed to do anything about it. Within hours she had everything in its place and I was able to find all my kitchen utensils and gadgets. I am now able to open the drawers again without having to search for things I need. I can’t wait for her to start on my basement.

Pam from Setauket

I just have to say that you did such a fantastic job moving me out of my home and unpacking my belongings in my new home that it made the whole process stress free. I had so much stuff to pack that I was overwhelmed with baby and children items besides all my stuff that I had collected in 12 years of marriage. Also before I moved it was terrific idea to have a garage sale to unload the stuff I did not need in my new home. I will hire you in an instant if I move again.

Gigi from Coram

I couldn't start my home business without your help. After you organized my garage, I realized the space that I had to set up my business. I couldn't have done it without you. I wouldn't know where to begin to plan and figure out where everything should go. You made it so easy and you took away the stress that I had. Thank you so much.

Francesca from Middle Island

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me with my room. I LOVE IT!!! My mom is so happy and my family was in shock!! I ordered an all new bed set from Victoria Secret and I can not wait until it comes in. I just wanted to say thank you and how much I Love it!!

Robert from Great Neck

I was very pleased with how thorough you are. Also the way you dive in and get your hands dirty. It was also great to spend the time chatting with you, I enjoyed that as well, and the time flew by. I have been walking around telling anyone who will listen to me how thrilled I am to be so organized. I think many of them think I’m off my rocker for being so excited over it, but it really feels like I have gained control of a whole area of my life that was so out of control!

By the way, I've created a nice filing system here at work, so things are already more organized here! . I remembered what we did at my home and I knew how to re-arrange my desk and files here! Very sweet!

Again, thank you for everything, I enjoyed the experience, and will certainly recommend you to anyone interested.

Pam from Commack

What could I say, I was so overwhelmed with the clutter that has accumulated over the 10 years I have lived in my home. Now my mother was coming to live with me and there was no place for her. A neat freak no doubt. So I e-mailed Cynthia to rescue me from this huge task. She came in like a storm and worked so fast and so hard, I couldn't believe what we accomplished. Even with friends help I was never able to make a dent! She knew what to buy and where to buy and how to get discounts on items. She never missed a spot in the rooms. She was so meticulous. She worked diligently and always had my best interest in mind. She has boundless energy and stamina, with an upbeat attitude. I could never imagine my home looking this way so I can enjoy having friends and family over again. Thank you, Cynthia

Catherine age 16 from Huntington

I am really enjoying my new organized room. I can find every thing better and I feel much more relaxed. I have gone on to organize my mom and my sister's closets using the tools and methods you gave me. thanks again!

Arnona from Forest Hills

Let me tell you how I have changed since you came to help me get rid of all the stuff.
I stuck myself in that clutter like "glue".
You have opened my eyes Cynthia, and the glue has gone
I don't have to save everything anymore, as I copied my mother in childhood (in hard times)

It felt like Ex-Lax treatment for my cluttered apartment.
The Ex-Lax is still working.....
Not as fast but it keeps working........

I now became my own organizer, not 100% yet, but I see there is a big difference in my attitude.
It's a skill that I have learned and enjoy seeing the results.

Thanks again for everything.

Ted from Melville

I am enjoying my organized office. I will complete the task this weekend. A much needed break is necessary after our 12 hour session.
Thanks for all you've done. I've told my friends about you. Be well.