Five Reasons For clutter by Cynthia Braun, PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZER
August 1, 2013

Cynthia Braun featuredwomen.comFive Reasons For Clutter In Feng Shui, clutter represents "postponed decisions" and the "inability to move forward," so it’s no surprise that clutter is the biggest issue many of my clients face. Why do you hold on to things, and why can't you "just say throw?" Here are five of the reasons why we keep too much stuff, and a Feng Shui solution for moving past the reason and clearing out space where the positive chi can flow:

1. Just In Case. You worry that if you get rid of something you might need it in the future.Solution: Go through your house and collect at least six things you can't quite part with, and put them in a box marked "Open in Six Months." Tuck the box away in your basement, attic, or storage facility, and then check the box in six months. If you find you didn’t need the items, go ahead and sell, donate, or get rid of them.

2. Guilt. You feel guilty because you bought something that became a mistake, like that overpriced pair of shoes that hurt your feet. Or, you are afraid that getting rid of a gift is disrespectful to the giver, even if you don't like the object.Solution: For mistake purchases, accept that it happens to everyone, and donate them where they will do good. For an unwanted gift, remember that when you receive a gift your only responsibility is to thank the giver, not to keep the gift forever.

3. Future Value: You are saving items because they might someday become "antiques," or that they will be worth something in the future.

Solution: Check out the selling price of a similar item on eBay or Craig’s List. If the price looks promising, consider having the item appraised by an expert. If there is no real promise that your item has value, move it out of your home

4. Looking For a Good Home: You want the "treasures" you are getting rid of to go to the right person, but this results in holding on to everything

Solution: To satisfy your desire for perfect placement, look for a charity with which you feel a strong connection. These economic times are especially challenging for nonprofits and most will welcome your gift, but contact them first to make sure they have room for your donation.

5. Fear of Forgetting It: You are afraid to put things like bills out of sight because you worry that if you don't see something, you will forget about it.

Solution: For bills, set up automatic bill pay or e-mail reminders to help you remember to pay them. For the things you move out of your closets, store them in clear plastic bins so you can always see what is inside.