Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take?

Every client is different. The length of the process depends on how quickly you can make decisions (with my gentle urging), your stamina, and the size of the project. In this regard, the overall project can be broken down to targeted areas which can be addressed one at a time. It is important to remember that the situation did not develop over night and, in turn, neither can the solution.

How much will it cost?

Going hand-in-hand with the duration of the project, cost depends on how the client works and the scope of the project. See the gift certificate page for my rates by county

Do I have to throw everything out?

Of course not. But we do need to go through your belongings and determine what is important to you and how it enhances your life. This involves sorting and categorizing and some purging, but it is not as drastic as it may sound - it makes sense as we progress.

Can I do this myself?

The ultimate goal is to develop with the client a system that "works for you" and that you can maintain going forward. However, sometimes people need the motivation of a helping hand to get them started and to provide them with a framework on which to remain focused. Working with A professional organizer guarantees that I will transfer the organizing skill to you. Great news my clients learn it every time.

Where do I start?

You already have! Making the decision to get organized is the most difficult step. Thereafter, we begin with the free phone consultation during which we assess the situation and map out a plan for rolling up our sleeves and digging in.

What organizing containers should I buy?

Nothing! Until we decide what goes and what stays, there’s no sense in buying anything. I recommend having large garbage bags for the first session. Rest assured - once we determine your needs - there is a limitless supply of tools of the trade. I know them all since I worked at Organized Living when it first opened in Huntington

Am I the worst case you have ever seen?

Each case is different - there is no better or worse, just as people, their possessions, needs, and space are different.

Am I a failure because I need your help

On the contrary, by recognizing the need for initial assistance you have demonstrated the strength and willingness for positive change. That is the epitome of continued growth and success! just like people have personal trainers to help them get fit and stay focus with their workout.

Cynthia Braun is a certified professional organizer for Nassau County, New York